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For starters, "Star Tours" is an absolute must-ride for any stt hay Star Wars geeks. I'd personally know, because I am one. Alternatives here . some reasons for this ride that may turn others off, and we'll get to those later. Nevertheless you undoubtedly are fan any sort of of the Star Wars films, stt hay nhat but especially initially trilogy, walk, don't set you back this step! Even the line itself comes full of film references, Anthony Daniels' voice-overs, and movie props that'll assist you in being geeking out hard core. The first thing you'll see in the queue? A giant AT-AT. Get started building links time I ever saw this, Irealised i was ten years old, and it was so cool i honestly thought I was going to pass absent. I'm past the fainting phase of coolness, but I'm still inside of thrilled beyond belief phase that typically involves some really cheesy pose however AT-AT.

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